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Chief Play Officer for the Play institute

The Play institute aims to further the development of products, insights, methods and practices relating to play.

Cephas is taking his 20 years of multidisciplinary experience and insights on researching, creating and launching innovative ideas, projects, products, brands, experiences and building teams into a new phase.

From consulting and collaborating with new companies and new areas of play and innovation to launching his own products and experiences.

Able to call on a wealth of experience and also a wide network of highly skilled individuals and companies, the future is full of change, potential and excitement.

Cephas has spoken and presented at a number of great and varied events like SWIFT Business Forum Nordics, THU, Nordic Game Jam, Games First Helsinki, Digital Kids Today, for companies and institutions like SONY PICTURES, SWIFT, FORA on subjects like INNOVATION, PLAY, CREATIVITY, PITCHING, DESIGN FOR KIDS, GAMES DESIGN and more.